This is the first impression your future employer will have of you and
your ticket to an interview. It vital to get it right!
The employer will have a vast number of CVs to look at so it is
important that yours stands out and sells you properly. You need to
demonstrate you are the right person for the job by setting it out clearly
that you have the right skills and experience.

Your CV must include the following:
• Specific skills you have to offer
• Experience you have in the specific field
• Appropriate personal qualities you have
• Short enough to read quickly
• Clearly laid out in a logical order
• Relevance to the role, demonstrating you understand the job

Choose a clear, professional type face that is easy to read
• Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes
• Organise the document in clear headings
• Order experience and education in chronological order

Please use our CV template available on the Job Seekers page and
contact us for a free CV review!