A vast majority of candidates we meet are unsure of what job they are
looking for and spend a lot of time applying for numerous roles that they
feel they can do. It is no surprise that unfortunately they are not selected
for many of them.

It is really important to assess your key skills and attributes and combine
this with your experience to decide on the best role for you. If you are good
at something you will enjoy it more! Spend some time reading job adverts
in detail and think about where you can best apply your talent.

Think realistically about where you can work, look at transport links and
the time and costs to establish where you can travel to. If you are thinking
about relocation take some time to research the new location and the
implications the move would have on your lifestyle and family.

What type of organisation would you like to work for? There are so many
different types of companies with advantages and disadvantages of both.
Large multinational organizations offer the opportunity to travel and good
training, smaller companies can be excellent for gaining experience in new
areas and the opportunity to shine. What sector would you be interested in
working in? Private or public, charity or financial? Decide how flexible you
are willing to be before your job search begins.

Be realistic but don’t sell yourself short. Try and work out what salary you
would be looking for and consider roles slightly below and above this level.
Often employers offer the opportunity to negotiate your salary to some extent.
It is important to consider what benefits and package are on offer as training,
flexi-working and pension schemes can make a considerable difference to you