Sadly, current market conditions have meant there has been a high level of
redundancies recently.
However, it is important to stay positive and not to panic. Try and look at the
situation as an opportunity for change. Take the time to evaluate your experience and
skills and think about what you would like to do next. You may wish to use the time to
take a course that would be valuable to your career, carry out some volunteer work, or
even take some time out to travel. It is important to use your time constructively and
not to make any rushed decisions. Talk to friends, family and your business network
to see if there are any opportunities for you and consult our career advice pages.

The ACAS and directgov websites offer excellent advice on all aspects of the
redundancy process:
Alternatively you can contact your local citizens advice Bureau:
It may be worth speaking to an Independent Financial Advisor and your bank to
advice you on financial affairs.
If you believe you have been dismissed unfairly it is worth calling the ACAS helpline
on 0845 474747 advice.